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Antarctic Air, Inc



Chances are the last thing you think about is your air conditioner.  You just expect to be comfortable. Antarctic Air,       Inc offers a wide variety of products that will meet your needs.  We stand behind everything that we offer, because all of our products are of the highest quality which will ensure customer satisfaction.

Heating & Air:

Heat pump

Ideal for warmer climates, a heat pump is an efficient choice when you want mostly cool air and heated air only on occasion. Progress Energy recommends heat pump systems for Citrus County and surrounding areas.

Straight Cool systems

Are typically used in applications where secondary heat sources are used or minimal heating is required.

Package Unit

Contain the same components you find in a typical split system. However, they’re all engineered to work together in one cabinet.  Used mostly in mobile and premanufactured homes.

Mini Split systems

Are ductless systems that are a perfect solution for sunrooms, room additions, computer data rooms, small offices, garage conversions and more!


Is a device that allows you to control the temperature inside your home by controlling the functions of a heating   and/or cooling system

Indoor Air Quality:

Electronic Air cleaners

Installs in your home's heating and cooling system to clean the air going through your ductwork. Pushes cleaner air out to all rooms in a home.  An Electronic air cleaner is up to 40 times more efficient than a standard throw away filter. It removes dust, pollen, dander, viruses and mold spores.

Ultraviolet Light

Mainly kills, air bourn germs and mold spores, also helps reduce odors in the home.

Theft protection:

AC Guard 

Delivers protection from theft, pleasing to the eye, is affordable and easily removed for service.

We repair all makes and models: